BEST News Update # 1 - 2012

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BEST News Update # 1 - 2012

In this BEST News Update we will like to remind you about the possibility to take part in BEST 2012. This year it will also be possible to benchmark operational and financial key figures, which will make the benchmark more complete. See below for more information.

Another option that is available from 2012 is entering your existing customer satisfaction survey data into the BEST web report. That means that you will be able to benchmark with other BEST cities, without having to do additional data collection (depending on the comparability of the data).  

For more information about BEST and the different options available, continue reading.
Participate in BEST 2012 - deadline 27th of January
In 2012 the BEST Survey will be conducted for the 11th time. Being a member of BEST gives you the possibility to exchange information about how public transport is performing in the eyes of the citizens and to establish and maintain a network with other public transport professionals. This year it will be offered three types of membership:
  • Full membership
  • Basic membership
  • Partner
The deadline for signing up is: Friday 27th of January 2012. For more information about the different kind of membership, click the link below.
Invitation to participate in BEST 2012
General information about BEST 2012
Key figures to be included in the BEST web report

In 2012 it will also be possible to benchmark hard facts in the BEST web report. A new web based interface will make it easy to enter key figures directly into to BEST database. Based on the key figures entered, it will be very easy to make benchmarking with other cities in the database. Around 20 key figures will be included, that will be related to:

1. Statistical background information (like no of passengers, no of inhabitants etc)
2. Public Transport (system and capacity)
3. Public Transport Demand
4. Financial key figures
5. Quality
6. Ratios 1 (supply & demand ratios)
7. Ratios 2 (financial ratios)

The data will be validated by the BEST organisation before it is approved and made "official" in the web report. There will also be a made a specific solution for cities that do not want their key figures to be published, but still want to be a part of the key figure benchmarking.
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BEST has established a closed group on LinkedIn for its members and partners. The objective is to make it easier to create and maintain a relevant network with other PT professionals in Europe.
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BEST contact persons in participating cities
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Contact us
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Antti Vuorela
BEST Vice Chairman
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BEST Project Manager
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