BEST News Update # 8 - 2012

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BEST News Update # 8 - 2012

Workshops in October: "How to improve cost efficiency" & "Trends"

This issue of BEST News Update includes information about all workshops, and revised programs for workshops to be held in October:  

3. Improving cost efficiency, Ruter, Oslo, 2nd of October
4. Trends, SL, Stockholm, 11th of October

The deadline for signing up to the workshops is the 21st of September 2012. You can register by sending an e-mail to BEST Project Manager Kjetil Vrenne ( You will find updated information about these workshops below.

In addition we would like to remind you about the other upcoming workshops in November.

5. Passenger counting, Movia, Copenhagen 1st of November
6. Social media, VOR, Vienna, 22nd of November

Below you will find more info about the topic / target group for each work shop, and links to preliminary programs. The workshops are open to all public transport authorities, but please register as soon as possible. Include name, title and topics for the person(s) responsible for the presentations from your city / region. The workshops will be organised in the same way as last year. This means that there might be a presentation from an external specialist of the topic in question in the beginning of each workshop, and that all participating organizations will have to make a presentation as well. An important part of the workshops is to create a possibility for professionals to discuss the topics in question with others facing the same challenges.
WS 3: How to improve cost efficiency - Oslo 2nd of October

Topic: The topic of this workshop is to look at different ways & strategies to improve the cost efficiency of public transport

The workshop will start with a presentation by Transrail CEO Per Leander. He will talk about how internal and organisational efficiency of public transport systems can be assessed – and how it can be used to improve performance?

Target group: The target group for the workshop is CFOs, controllers, contract managers, analysts and other that are responsible for the organisations overall cost effectiveness, or that are responsible for analysing or reporting of cost effectiveness/efficiency.

Deadline for signing up: 21st of September

Preliminary program - Improving cost efficiency
Click link to sign up
WS 4: Trends, Stockholm, 11th of October

Topic: How do we monitor our environment and identify new and changing trends? What kind of systematic approach can be applied and how can we use the results?

The trendspotter and futurist Peter Siljerud will also attend the workshop. He will talk about "Trends in a wider perspective". Peter has been working as a trendspotter and futurist for over ten years. He has a background of working as future strategist at Kairos Future and Intel. He is also the author of the well-renowned book "100 trends - Your guide to the future", which was nominated to "The Marketing Book of the Year" 2011 by the Swedish Marketing Federation.

Target group: People interested in trends or responsible for planning, marketing and sales in public transport organisations.

Preliminary program - Trends
Click link to sign up
WS 5: Passenger counting, Copenhagen, 1st of November

Topic: Passenger numbers is of vital importance when planning the public transport service, when revenue is to be shared among partners etc. In this workshop we look into which systems that is in place to register passenger numbers, and how they are used.

Target group: People responsible for, or working with, passenger counting and statistics related to number of passengers.
Preliminary program - Passenger counting
WS 6: Social media, Vienna, 22nd of November

Topic: The goal of this workshop is to share information about the organisations strategies and goals in the area of social media, and how social and digital media is used in the interaction with customers.

Target group: People responsible for, or working with, social and digital media.
Preliminary program - Social media
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