Latest news from HumbleBee Home Andalucia, September 2013

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Latest news from HumbleBee Home Andalucia, September 2013
Dear friends!

Autumn is still not quite here in southern Spain. We have still got tropical nights, that is when the temperature doesn’t go below 20°C during the night, and close to 30°C at daytime. In the news letter of September last year, we were saying that the first raindrops of autumn just had arrived and that several more were forecasted the following days – lots of it came down! About 250 mm of rain came down in only a few hours during the night. We do hope the weather gods will be nicer this autumn, and that the rain, when it comes, will arrive in moderate quantities.
This summer has not been as hot as it is usually. We have only had 3-4 days with temperatures above 35°C while we normally have 3-4 weeks with these temperatures. However, we are not complaining, 32-34 degrees is absolutely warm enough!

We have had a too quite summer when it comes to visitors this year. In June we had no guests at all, that is, we did have one non-paying guest for one night. One day at noon we found a hen walking around the pool. When Chiquita, Ranya and Lucia discovered her, we had to rescue her from their interest and put her in the bathroom. After enquiring the neighbors it turned out she didn’t belong to any of them, but one of the neighbors work as a shepherd at the big farm above us and he knew that the farm next to this had hens. He asked the farmer the next morning and around 10 am the neighbor came down in his car and checked out the hen, it was his. How she had managed to make it all the way down here without catching the interest of dogs, fox or other animals, well, that is only for her to know. The owner excused the mess in which she left the bathroom. But, we think it would only have been reasonable if she at least had left us an egg or two :-)
The last 8 days we have 3 showings of our property to potential buyers. All of them have liked the location and the house, but it remains to see if it will result in any offers. First out a British family with 2 children, the next ones also a British couple thinking of continuing as a B&B but with a naturist theme. The last couple also British with plans for B&B in addition to them having horses and climbing interests. We are crossing our fingers.

Last weekend was Romería in Álora and rarely have we seen so many lovely women and men in flamenco dresses and those nice tight fitting suits. A lot of them mounted on horses and several beautifully decorated wagons. This year we walked up to the convent where the celebrations take place. The small virgin statue, Virgen de Flores, placed on a flower decorated wagon, was pulled by two big bulls – well, looking closer, one of them was actually a cow :-) We spent a great day there with Spanish, Norwegian and British friends. With dancing, food, drinks and music it is indeed a proper Spanish romería at its best. The pictures in this newsletter is from that day, thanks to Rebecca and Raymond for letting us use them :-)
Lots of activities are scheduled in the months to come, a few of them mentioned here:
• Día de Sopa Perota in Álora happens this year on Saturday October 5th
• Feria in Fuengirola 6-12 October
• In December it is time for villancicos, Spanish Christmas songs, accompanied by the zambomba and the pandero. According to our inside information, there will probably this year be a return of the Christmas choir in Álora with a performance in the theatre – we have even been asked to participate!
• The Christmas streets of Málaga are well worth a visit
• Christmas and New Year Celebrations at Posada HumbleBee Home
• Christmas Day verdiales (music and dancing ) in La Higuera
• Día de los Reyes, January 5th/6th. In Spain the Holy Three Kings bring gifts for the children. On the evening of January 5th there are processions in all cities and villages with the kings. During the night the kings visit the children and put the presents under their bed
We are now listed on (;dcid=1) and on ( We have actually just now received our first booking through and hope that more will follow. We absolutely need bookings until a sale has come through.
We wish you all a wonderful autumn ahead and hope that some of you are tempted to make a trip see us this autumn!

HumbleBee ragards from
Anette & Grethe
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