Latest news from HumbleBee Home Andalucía, December 2013

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Latest news from HumbleBee Home Andalucía, December 2013
Dear friends!

Once again, Christmas is here, it will be the 12th Christmas at Posada HumbleBee Home for us. Winter has arrived, but it took its time, we had great temperatures until the middle of November. We have had very little rain, we are not complaining about that, but we will not have the green Christmas as we usually do. All the fields have been planted and prepared, but without any rain, nothing has started to grow yet. We have never before seen the land so dry towards the end of December, but the forecast is now showing some rain, unfortunally on Christmas Eve and Day.

For the first time we have no guest with us this year – which is a bit sad. But, we have accepted an invitation to celebrate Christmas Eve with friends in Álora – an international group, Norwegian, Canadian and English, but the food will be Norwegian – pork ribs made the Norwegian way! Christmas Day we have Norwegian friends coming to us for a traditional big brunch – which will surely last until late afternoon – evening.
We have had a little pre taste of Christmas already though. Anette spent a week in Norway in November/December and managed to get to meals of lambs ribs – salted and dryed and then steamed. At the same time Grethe joined our traditional Christmas do with friends on the coast, where the meal was a special kind of fish called “rakfisk” in Norwegian. Just a few days ago, we were served a lovely meal in Álora by our Casanor family, cod treated with lye. And then on Christmas Eve – of course the pork rib. Not bad, living in Spain as we are.
As we have no guests in for this Christmas, we have not made to many cookies this year, just some buns and cinnamon curls. These were especially prepared for Casanor’s Spanish teacher as this was one of her favourites when she visited Norway this spring, buns with brown cheese.
We do have one poinsettia on the table, but a smaller one than those we see in the gardens around here. They grow big as trees and are covered in red flowers now before Christmas. Not too much green though on the one that we found for a picture, but they are really nice.
The Christmas tree is up at the top square in Álora, but with the financial crisis, they do save a little bit on the lighting of it this year than previous years. At home we still have not decorated the house, but the little broom we have on the wall will be decorated with some glitter and bulbs. And with the beautiful marimekko tablecloth in place – well, then it’s Christmas.
A couple of days ago we received a big load of the best cold remedy there is, a big bag of grapefruit, another one with eating oranges and one with juice oranges. We have previously received both lemons and tangerines. The citrus trees are full of fruit these days and it is incredible how long the fruit lasts if it is stored on the tree. After being picked they last shorter, but do keep well for quite a long time if kept in a cool place.
A little sweet story is appropriate now before Christmas:
One Sunday morning in November we found a little dog outside the bathroom door when we got up. He was cuddled up, a bit cold and quite scared. One of our guests thinks he heard a car during the night stopping for a while before continuing. Due to this, we think maybe somebody dumped him with us – maybe they know that we took in Chiquita when she showed up almost 3 years ago.

We put a blanket for him on the bar terrace so he could be warmed up a bit by the sun. He was very cuddly and ate lots of food – he didn’t even chew the dry food so we had to soak it in some hot water for him. Chiquita and Ranya didn’t pay him much attention, they tried to ignore him, but were not too pleased when he after a couple of days found their bed inside the bar. They like to sleep there during the night if it’s cold or windy. We tried asking around if anybody was interested in having a cute little dog, but if there is one thing there is plenty of around here, that’s dogs. We did consider taking him to a rescue centre in Antequera so that they could find a home for him.

However, his destiny lay elsewhere. We had some Norwegian friends over for lunch and after a little talk when they got home, they called us the next day and told us that they wanted him. Hugo, which is is name, now has the best dog life ever. His own bed in front of the fire place and is allowed to sleep inside so far. He is about 6 months old and a little charmer. We have visited him and are pretty sure that he recognized us. We think it is very nice that we can keep in touch with him and visit him now and again.
It is yet to see what activities we will enjoy in the next months:
- Día de los Reyes, January 5th/6th. In Spain the Holy Three Kings bring gifts for the children. On the evening of January 5th there are processions in all cities and villages with the kings. During the night the kings visit the children and put the presents under their bed
- January/February - the almond trees are in flower, a beautiful view!
- February 2nd, Día de Candelaria, the night of the bonfires. You will see several bonfires around us.
- February - Matanza (“slaughtering party”) in Ardales. A village fair where they serve food and drinks and have stalls where they sell local produce.
- February 28th, the Andalucía Day.
- March – flamenco performances in the flamenco club in Álora every Saturday
We wish you all a wonderful Christmas and we hope that 2014 will be a great year for all of us!!

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